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Utrecht Summer 2017: Joint Cosmology & Holography

Enrico Pajer   02/06/2017   Comments Off on Utrecht Summer 2017: Joint Cosmology & Holography

Utrecht on Friday, June 2, 2017 Location: Atlas Lecture Hall, Koningsberger Building, Utrecht Science Park Schedule 13:30 – 14:00 Tea & Coffee 14:00 – 15:00 Talk by Brando Bellazzini (IPhT CEA Saclay) Title: Softness, amplitudes’ positivity, and EFT for spinning particles. Abstract: Not every EFT admits a UV completion which is consistent with S-matrix theory. I will review some of the… Read more »

Leuven Spring 2017

Enrico Pajer   07/04/2017   Comments Off on Leuven Spring 2017

KU Leuven, April 7, 2017 Location: Arenberg Castle, Kardinaal Mercierlaan 94, 3001 Leuven (Heverlee) For organisational reasons (such as pre-meeting lunch and bus), please sign up for the meeting by clicking “I am coming” here: https://beta.doodle.com/poll/uaza39w2raxwafr2 Schedule 13.00-14.00 Talk by Kate Eckerle (Columbia University, USA) Title: Axions of Evil – a novel type of alignment that renders complex theories tractable… Read more »

Amsterdam UvA Spring 2017

Enrico Pajer   03/03/2017   Comments Off on Amsterdam UvA Spring 2017

UvA Amsterdam, March 3, 2017 The meeting will take place in room C0.05 in the Science Park. 14:15-15:15 Talk by Jaume Garriga (Barcelona) Title: Primordial black holes from cosmic inflation 15:15 – 15:45 Coffee 15:45-16:45 Talk by Marjorie Schillo (Leuven) Title: A new top-down model of inflation Abstract: I will present recent work that has succeeded in embedding the mechanism… Read more »

Leiden Winter 2017

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Leiden University, February 3, 2017 Casimir room (Oort building, Room 276, the Institute Lorentz coffee room) 14:00-15:00 Talk by J. Magueijo (Imperial College) Title: The critical geometry of a thermal Big Bang Abstract: We explore the space of scalar-tensor theories containing two non-conformal metrics, and find a discontinuity pointing to a “critical” cosmological solution. Due to the different maximal speeds… Read more »

Groningen Winter 2016

Enrico Pajer   02/12/2016   Comments Off on Groningen Winter 2016

11:30-12:30 Talk by Timm Wrase (TU Vienna)
Title: dS vacua and inflation in supergravity

14:00-15:00 Talk by Gui Pimentel (UvA Amsterdam)
Title: Symmetries of Cosmological Fluctuations

15:30-16:30 Talk by David Stefanyszyn (RUG Groningen)
Title: TBA

Utrecht Fall 2016

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Utrecht, November 4, 2016 Place: Universiteit Utrecht, Buys Ballot Gebouw, room 712 For this meeting we will have two external speakers 14:00-15:00 Talk by Jose Espinosa (IFAE & ICREA Barcelona, Spain) Title: Higgs inflation as a mirage Abstract: After reviewing the nice properties of Higgs inflation and some of its problems, I will discuss a simple unitarization of the scenario that is genuinely… Read more »

Amsterdam Fall 2016

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14:00-15:00 Talk by Oleg Lebedev (University of Helsinki)

Title: The Higgs and cosmology

15:30-16:30 Talk by Bobby Acharya (King’s Coll. London & ICTP, Trieste)

Title: Dark Matter from a String/M theory Perspective

Amsterdam Summer 2016

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Schedule 12:30-13:30 Program lunch [only for FOM cosmology program leaders to schedule next year/workshops/NWA update/Core+ update] in room C4.250 14:00-15:00 Talk by Arthur Hebecker (University of Heidelberg) in room D1.116 Title: Large Field Inflation, the Weak Gravity Conjecture and Gravitational Instantons Abstract: The recent theoretical interest in large-field inflation is related in part to potential future observations, e.g. through primordial gravity waves,… Read more »

Groningen Spring 2016

Enrico Pajer   13/05/2016   Comments Off on Groningen Spring 2016

12:00 Talk by David Marsh (Cambridge)
Title: TBA

14:00 Talk by Alessandra Silvestri (Leiden)
Title: Parametrized approaches to modified gravity

15.30 Talk by Diederik Roest or Remko Klein (Groningen)
Title: Towards the most general scalar-tensor theory